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Trauma Focused Therapy for Adolescents and Adults

Individual TherapyCouples Therapy
Can help you:
  • Resolve worries and current problems.
  • Review what has helped/worked in the past.
  • Discover new ways to express yourself.
  • Strengthen your communication skills.
  • Develop more effective ways to address problems.
  • Get in touch with your strengths.
  • Discover what makes you happy and content.
  • Improve your self esteem.
  • Develop strategies that help in your daily life.
Can help a couple:
  • Work out compromises to strengthen the relationship.
  • Learn how to deal with wounds from the past.
  • Learn to communicate better.
  • Accept one another as you are.
  • Build intimacy.
  • Communicate assertively.
  • Be more effective parents.
  • Negotiate household duties.
  • Accept each other’s family.
  • Enjoy each other’s company.