Wes Goodenough, LICSW

I am a clinical social worker who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and duly authorized by the State of Alabama to practice clinical social work in private independent practice. My LICSW license number is 1502C.
Licensed in Alabama since 2000, I have been practicing social work at the master’s level for 25 years. Prior to entering private practice in 2014, I practiced social work at social service agencies, including Bradford Health Services and Gateway in Alabama, as well as others in Michigan and Indiana.

About my mission

My social work mission is to help people find pain relief, recover from traumatic experiences and eliminate self-destructive behavior.

About confidentiality

I believe that confidentiality and privacy are fundamental values for effective and ethical practice. Everything that happens between us is held in strict confidence, and I promise never to share anything about you or your case unless you have given me a clear written authorization to do so. Of course, there are specific exceptions to this rule in accordance with law and ethics:

  • In the event that I learn someone is trying to hurt someone else, I am obligated to try to warn the alleged victim.
  • In the event that I suspect that someone is neglecting or abusing a child or a dependent adult, the law requires me to inform the DHR.
  • Also, if a court of law orders me to present my records in a case, I will be obliged to do so. However, I will try to fight against that order.
  • Finally, I will do everything I can to prevent someone from hurting themselves

Keep in mind that in none of these cases will I ever divulge more information than is necessary for the given situation. At any time, I think it is in your best interest to consult with another person, or if you request that you provide information about yourself or your case to someone on your behalf, I will first discuss it with you and ask you to sign an authorization. to form. This form will specify to whom the information will be given, the type of information that will be given and the reason for doing so.
If you have any questions about this policy, I welcome you to ask me when we are together. In addition, I will also give you a form that explains in detail my privacy and confidentiality policy.